Soar to the Jazz Beat: Reach Sardinia for the “Musica sulle Bocche” Festival by Helicopter!

Soar to the Jazz Beat: Reach Sardinia for the “Musica sulle Bocche” Festival by Helicopter!

In the distant year of 2001, under the enterprising guidance of Enzo Favata, “Musica sulle Bocche” was born, destined from its inception to become a musical experience like no other. Over the years, this event has evolved into an internationally renowned festival, attracting world-famous artists, yet never forgetting its deep roots in the Sardinian soil. Today, it spans across several municipalities in Northern Sardinia, becoming a widespread festival that embraces the entire region.

What truly sets this summer spectacle apart is the fusion of passion for jazz, adoration for the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean Island, and a profound commitment to environmental conservation. In addition to offering unforgettable musical performances, Musica sulle Bocche ambitiously aims to combat depopulation in rural communities, thereby contributing to the vitality of less populated areas.

Through a diverse and engaging program, during the month of August, the International Jazz Festival Musica sulle Bocche has proven to be a true cultural catalyst, promoting not only high-quality music but also the natural and cultural treasures of the Mediterranean Island. Thanks to this extraordinary event, international attention has finally turned to this hidden gem, bringing a new breath of life and appreciation for its rich musical and landscape heritage.

Elicompany offers an extraordinary journey to this unique experience by providing helicopter transfers in Sardinia landing as close as possible to the various venues of the Festival. With over 45 years of experience in ensuring safe flights, the company’s modern and comfortable fleet of single and twin-engine helicopters transforms the journey into an unforgettable adventure.

Let yourselves be captivated by the polyphonic harmonies resonating between the mountains and the sea, uniting hearts and minds in an experience that speaks to the history and future of Sardinia. In a constantly evolving world, the Music of the Bocche remains a beacon of authenticity and beauty, bridging generations through the power of music and culture. WOW Sardinia!