Elicompany is glad to announce the introduction in our fleet of an additional Bell 206. It shall enhance our service both for aerial work and passenger missions.
It’s probably the most recognizable helicopter in the world. You’re familiar with it – you’ve seen it flying for news stations, police patrols and ferrying VIPs. It’s the Bell 206 JetRanger family of helicopters, and it would become the most successful commercial helicopter ever produced.
Well over 7,000 Bell 206s have been produced since 1967, including both civil and military versions – outnumbering any other commercial helicopter.
A passenger can sit in the front left seat next to the pilot and two adults will be very comfortable in the back of the JetRanger. With large windows, ample ambient light provides excellent visibility for the working environment and exceptional field of view.
The 206 with the Allison (now Rolls-Royce) engines give it the best single-engine safety record for helicopters.

Presently, our fleet consist of:

2 Bell 206
2 Bell 505
2 Bell 407 (GX-GXP)
1 Bell 427

The additional Bell 206 will also allow us to deploy one in Olbia (Sardinia), during the summer season, to support the Bell 407GX usually based there, offering a wider choice to our clients 

Elicompany – Helicopter charters and tours by our Bell fleet: Fast, Safe, Sleek