How to book a flight?


The flight can be booked by email on booking@elicompany.it

Some frequent routes between Sardinia and Corsica can be booked online at:https://www.elicompany.it/fly-to-sardinia/frequent-routes/



Working hours


We are available H24 daily





We require advance payment once the flight is confirmed. In case of early booking, a 30% deposit is requested and the balance to be paid 30 days before the flight

Accepted payments methods are bank transfer and credit cards

On Amex transactions only, a 4% fee apply



Cancellation Policy


Cancellations are to be communicated by email at booking@elicompany.it


The following charges apply to cancellations by clients:


  • After flight confirmation: 20% charge of full fare
  • Between 17 and 7 days before departure: 30% charge of full fare
  • Between 7 days and 72 hours before departure: 50% charge of full fare
  • Between 72 and 24 hours before departure: 75% charge of full fare
  • Less than 24 hours notice: 100% charge of full fare


In the event that a booking is made with Elicompany and the passenger(s) fail to arrive (‘No Show’) at the nominated date and time without having contacted our staff, the client will be charged in full.


In the event of a cancellation by Elicompany, no charge will be made to the client.




Light handbags and small backpacks are permitted on flights. Larger or heavier items are permitted by prior arrangement, subject to confirmed size and weight.

Dangerous goods as specified by aviation regulations are not permitted on Elicompany flights.

Elicompany will not be responsible or liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused in the handling of passengers’ equipment, property, or luggage, including as a result of negligence


Weather Limitations


In line with our Flight Cancellation Policy, additional costs incurred by Elicompany in preparation for any operation that is subsequently cancelled due to weather will be charged to the client in full. These may include ground operations, landing fees or specific aircraft reconfiguration and repositioning charges.

As safety is our primary consideration, Elicompany will take a conservative approach and restrict or cancel flight operations in inclement or marginal weather. Weather conditions associated with poor visibility, low cloud, extreme winds, low light levels and thunderstorms present circumstances that may limit or restrict flight.

Elicompany will make every effort to advise clients in advance of forecast weather conditions that may restrict flight operations. We will endeavor to provide advance notice of the potential for delay or cancellation in order to provide clients with as much time as possible for alternative transport to be arranged or to reschedule as necessary


What are your Terms &Conditions?


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