Bell Approved Maintenance Center

Bell Approved Maintenance Center

Bell Approved Maintenance Center


Elicompany successfully operates and maintains Bell helicopters since over 25 years, increasing every year the fleet and the flown hours for its different missions: from aerial work to VIP passenger transportation. During this long time the mutual respect has been build up to the point that Bell Helicopters appointed Elicompany as the sole Approved Maintenance Center in Italy, serving also neighboring countries

Staff, Logistic and Maintenance are the keys for success

Scheduled and unplanned maintenance must be performed in a fast, efficient way but always paying attention to the smallest detail to fully ensure the flight capabilities of our and third parties’ helicopters. In our Carpi Headquarters we have 2 large hangars where we can accommodate up to 16 helicopters and state-of-the-art equipment to perform any maintenance requirement. Our staff in both Maintenance and Quality Departments is fully certified, by both EASA and FAA Authorities, and perfectly trained to ensure meeting our and Bell Helicopters’ highest safety standards.

Our work system and procedures ensure all maintenance interventions are planned, performed, checked, and tested to keep the helicopters as new as when they were produced. To achieve this target, we:

• Have long term senior staff in each key position

• Utilize only components from Bell Textron Company or from Bell certified suppliers

• Implement, monitor, and review our procedures to constantly enhance them