Landing Points

Landing points

Landing Points


Helicopters, especially if equipped with skids like ours, can land almost everywhere. Thanks to the incredible versatility of our modern Bell helicopters, we can fly our guest exactly to their destination thus saving time and avoiding unnecessary car transfers. Elicompany operates flights in Italy and nearby countries since over 40 years: thanks to our experience we have a huge database of safe landing spots

Where can we land with our helicopter?

Airports and certified helipads, of course. But helicopters’ versatility is almost limitless, thus they can also safely operate in a variety of spots: sport fields, parking areas, hotel or villa’s gardens, golf courts, motor racing circuits, ports and marinas and why not: your yacht. Our experienced team will do its best to make your helicopter charter the most pleasant and effective possible, ensuring you can land at or just nearby the point you wish. We will take care of the necessary steps to operate legally and safely, you will just relax and enjoy your helicopter charter