Scenic Flights

Scenic helicopter flights

Scenic helicopter flights
Embark on a fantastic journey that will allow you admiring the most famous Italian territories and cities from a unique point of view: on board our modern, safe, comfortable Bell helicopters. Our private helicopter Scenic Flights, from Como Lake and the Alps to Sardinia and Corsica, from theMotor Valley to Venice, from Tuscany and Cinque Terre region to Rome and many other locations, have one common characteristic: we will fly you over the best Italy can offer, keep your camera handy! To get a quote, just send us a request here, mentioning the group size, the preferred day and time a long with your location: our flights are always private, we will not add other passenger on board your helicopter charter


Scenic helicopter flight susually start from our base or your resort nearby. We can take care of the car transfer, if necessary to reach our base or the closest pick-up point to your villa, resort or hotel.Our wide helicopter fleet offers choice from 3 up to 6 seat sand, if necessary, we can operate with multiple helicopters at the same time, to cater for large groups.

A breath-taking view Helicopter Flight over some of the most beautiful locations Italy can offer, will enhance your emotions, leaving you everlasting memories of an Italian journey. The Scenic flight is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, shoot incredible photos, spot remarkable Italian monuments, celebrities’ villas and yachts or admire our cities, islands, alpine lakes and glaciers from a unique point of view.


Below a few videos of our Scenic Helicopter Flights: your mobile device ora simple GoPro will fix your emotions forever. Our staff will perform a short briefing before boarding the helicopter and, while flying, will show you the most remarkable spots to admire and shoot. Something we often do: a photo of your group and crew in front of your helicopter, to be shared with your friends

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